Hummingbirds, Whooping Cranes and Mountains

My husband and I enjoy going to Rockport, Texas where in September we watch as thousands of hummingbirdscrop hummers gather to stock up on food before making the long trip to South America for the winter. These miniature jewels barely weigh 0.11 ounces, being only 3.75 inches long with a wingspan of 4.5 inches; yet many of them fly directly over the Gulf of Mexico. What a wonder our Master Creator made. Continue reading

Cranes: Whoopers & Sandhills

Whooping Cranes

At Aransas National Wildlife Refuge in the winter a person normally sees a family of Whooping Cranes together, which would be parents and the immature crane, who is brownish. However these pictures were taken in 2011 when Texas suffered a severe drought. The Refuge had a controlled burn to help spring-time grass grow better, so the whoopers discovered food there instead of the small crabs they prefer. These giant birds are 52″ tall and have a wingspan of 87″.

Crane Family

Whooping Crane Family

Sandhill Cranes

Sandhill Cranes winter along the Texas Coast and the pictures below were taken on West Galveston Island. Sandhills are smaller than whoopers, with Lesser Sandhills being 41″ with wingspans of 73″, while Greater Cranes are 46″ with a 77″ wingspan Continue reading