The Snooze Button

I had to get a new phone recently and used the alarm for the first time. I woke before it went off but forgot to turn it off, so it sounded while I was praying. Fortunately, I had taken it out of the bedroom so it didn’t awaken my husband. I naturally turned off the alarm, not realizing the snooze button was set to ring. I turned it off when it sounded and my husband, then awake, and I went into the kitchen to eat breakfast. It sounded twice during that time, so I finally deleted the alarm setting after the snooze didn’t quit when I had turned it off. Continue reading

Watching Birds, Seeing People

I enjoy watching the many birds in my backyard, so in went a birdfeeder and birdbath. They bring even more birds and I get a closer view of them. I keep my binoculars on our kitchen table, which overlooks the backyard. Often I get a picture of different kinds of people by watching the birds. Let me explain.  Continue reading