Mt Moran & Jackson Lake

Mt Moran & Jackson Lake

This sight speaks such calm, peace and serenity to me. I’ve always loved this view of Jackson Lake and Mount Moran with its Frying Pan Glacier. On our many trips to Yellowstone, we always go south to Teton National Park, where these majestic mountains rise 7000 feet above the valley. On this late June day in 2015, the wind had quit blowing, making the reflection perfect. Usually a ripple plays across the lake. Continue reading

Nature Scenes: Grand Teton National Park

Grand Teton National Park

Snake River, Wyoming.

Teton Mountains in Late September.

A Different View.








Cold & Foreboding Grand Teton.

Turning Aspens

Turning Aspens.

Mt. Moran Teton National Park

Mt. Moran & Unrippled Jackson Lake.

Chapel of Transfiguration

Chapel of Transfiguration: Large Back Window Oversees Grand Teton.