God’s Artistry


I have always taken photographs. When my husband and I dated, we took pictures and he taught me how to develop them in his home darkroom. After we were married we used a bathroom or the utility room until we moved to La Marque, where we took a 5×7’ corner from our large kitchen to make a specified darkroom. Of course, now we both use digital cameras and no longer need it. He’s still not convinced we should make it into another closet, however, since our 1925 home lacks storage space.

A few years ago I traded in my big manual camera for a good pocket-sized one that still has manual as well as auto functions and a macro digital zoom that I often use to get a single flower. After a close call, I learned to check for bees before I lowered my face to within 3-5” of the flower for the macro.

I also enjoy photographing animals and all kinds of birds and waterfowl, which you will find on this blog. Nature scenes cry out for a camera when you travel to Colorado, Wyoming and Montana, which we love to do. Strangely, my husband and I have lived along the Gulf Coast most of our lives but don’t photograph that too often.

God displays His majesty, beauty and wonder in so many ways, no matter where we live. We simply need to open our eyes to see them.