The Christmas Season

At this special time of year
We think of others far and near;
As we give gifts to those we love
Let us also give to the One above.

Churches tell the story in word and song
So many will know where they belong;
Christmas is a time of good will to others
Men more willing to help their brothers. Continue reading


No Labels for God

God, I wish I could label You, Put you in a little box,
Know just how You will act,
And what your thoughts are;
Could say, You are this way, And You are that way.

I wish I could grasp You And confine You
And then understand You.
At least, I think I wish all that.
But if it happened, What then? Continue reading


Foolishness is a man wrestling against God,
But oh, how hard he tries!
He thinks he can win – if he holds out a little longer;
He doesn’t know God controls even the skies.

Foolishness is a man setting his heart against God;
He decides he will go his own way.
He doesn’t know God’s way is best:
Facing him is utter dismay.

Foolishness is Christian, turning from God,
Trying to walk in the way of sin.
He will never be happy and never be blest;
He will only face sorrow within.

The Captain

I am a soldier
Weary after a long and tiring battle
Battered, bruised, bleeding –
Needing healing for my wounds.

I am a soldier
But I am also a captain
Called to lead my men
To fend off enemy forces.

I am a soldier
But I was sorely wounded –
Neglected my duty to my men
Allowed enemy troops to overtake us.

I am a soldier
Fallen in body but fallen in leadership –
Asking forgiveness of my broken and harassed men,
Asking for another chance to lead to victory.

I am a soldier and also a captain –
Rallying from retreat
Repairing shattered defenses
Taking up our weapons to win this war.

I am a captain –
Leading my fighting men
Pushing back the enemy
Retrieving taken land.

I am my Lord’s captain –
Marching as He commands
Leading my men onward and upward
Proclaiming the Lord’s victory.


The Anointing

If I were preaching or teaching
Or witnessing to the lost,
I’d say I needed the anointing of the Lord
So that His words would be said
In the power of His Spirit and might.

But if I live my daily life,
At home or work or play,
I may not think I need God’s anointing.
For who am I to need His power
In the mundane things I do?

But who am I, indeed, to need His power,
Whether at home or work or play?
How many lives do I touch
By the sermons and the teachings
I unknowingly live today?

 Yes, Lord God, anoint me indeed
With the power of your Holy Spirit,
For you alone know the ones I reach
By the strength of my faith,
By the words of my testimony.

  • Anoint, Anointing:  Anointing in the New Testament also refers to the anointing of the Holy Spirit, which brings understanding (1 John 2:20, 27). This anointing is not only for kings, priests, and prophets; it is for everyone who believes in the Lord Jesus Christ. The anointing occurs physically with a substance such as oil, myrrh, or balsam. But this is also a spiritual anointing, as the Holy Spirit anoints a person’s heart and mind with the love and truth of God.

(Nelson’s Illustrated Bible Dictionary; copyright 1986, Thomas Nelson Publishers; from PC Study Bible.)


My Destiny

Joy unspeakable!
How can I describe this blessedness?
So far surpassing all I imagined
The greatest words cannot do it justice.

“What joy,” you ask,
“What brings such rapture?”

The sign of my Jesus’ face!
How can I picture such love
Such compassion, even for me?
What word describes His glory?
The glory of the only begotten Son!

Then I see my Father!
Abba, Father.
The tears fall down my face
Tears of humility, adoration and love.
I kneel at His feet and worship
Almighty God!

No eye has seen
No ear has heard
No mind has conceived
What God has prepared
For those who love Him.
(1 Corinthians 2:9)

I cannot tell you all this wonder; 
Truly, you must see it for yourself!

Unshackled Wings

Have you ever been in prison, my brother
Where shackles held you tight
And every move you’d make was denied?
Where even the breathing seemed harder
And joy was a friend who seldom appeared?

Then, have you ever been set free, my sister
Where chains no longer bind
And your heart sings to a rhapsody of music?
Where your soul takes flight
And dares to dream of once-forgotten dreams?

Have you ever been set free, my friend
So love flows to those who misunderstand
And even sorrow cannot engulf joy?
Where excitement for life comes at any age
And problems are opportunities to be solved?

Many kinds of prisons fill the world today
And only the obvious show their bars and shackles:
Disease and limitations of the body
Circumstances one cannot change –
All claim thick, unseen walls.

But the worst prison by far is one
That shackles the mind and the spirit of man
That causes him to dread the next day
To forget past ambitions
To look, unseeing, at a beautiful world.

Whatever the shackles that bind you
And truly they are all real
Seek God’s way to undo them.
Come, let your soul fly away with mine
Spreading our wings to limitless possibilities.


Poems of Inspiration

Beautiful Full Moon

Beautiful Full Moon

Beginning back in the 1970’s I started writing poems and attended the Austin Poetry Society and a couple of my works were featured in their anthology. Some of those early ones I no longer have but later wrote others that became my favorites, and those I share on this site. While most of the early ones rhymed, later poems were mainly free verse. Rarely now do I write poetry, preferring instead prose.

Continue reading

Trusting God

When life on earth
Comes to a close,
We reach our final destiny:
The road we’ve traveled
All our lives to find –
That eternal home.

We often don’t understand
God’s ways and means,
But He said they are
Much higher than ours.

We cry out in pain,
God, help me understand!”
But must know He has a reason;
Trusting Him –
Though we cannot see how –
To bring good
Out of all we call bad.

Cast all your cares upon Him,
For He cares for YOU!
(1 Peter 5:7)

Welcome to Your New Home

God is getting ready a sign
Welcome to your new home.

That home
filled with love
forever in His presence
worshiping our Lord
in all His fullness and grace
no more tears
no more pain, uncertainty or fear
seeing all the saints
who’ve gone before.

But centered on Jesus
our Savior, Redeemer
the One who prepared the way
the Lamb of God
and Lord of lords

Also centered on our Father
God Almighty
Creator of all the universe.

Yet knows the hairs on our head
holy, just, having nothing to do with sin
but gave His only beloved Son
so we – you and I –
might call Him our Father.

Yes, God’s getting ready His welcome sign
but there’s no need to fear
fear is not from God
but the enemy of your soul.

There’s only such joy and peace and love
as you’ve never known on earth
Trust Him to carry you there
even as a mother carries her newborn baby.

Do not be concerned with leaving this life
God will watch over your loved-ones here
He will guide and keep them
and one day prepare a welcome sign for them.

Oh, welcome to your new home
Rejoice – the best is yet to come
all your earthly life as been
merely preparation for eternity ahead.

Welcome to your new home,
Blessed child of God.

The Waters

When the waters pass over your head,
Stand thou still.
This thing is allowed of Me;
It is within my will.

Running will not help;
Fighting will get you down.
Only by standing still,
Can you win the victor’s crown.

When the waters pass over your head,
Simply be still and rest;
Relax in my strength alone;
I will bring you through the test.

No matter how deep the waters appear,
The way up ahead is clear.
Simply standing, resting
Will bring you through this testing.

See Isaiah 43:2; 30:15-21; Jeremiah 29:11.

The Edge of the Pit

On the edge of the pit of self-pity and despair
I wavered and stumbled – an unseen force pulling me in.

On the edge of the pit God saw my need,
Showed His warriors the danger of my place.

On the edge of the pit those friends saw my plight;
They talked, they loved, most of all they prayed.

On the edge of the pit, overcoming prayers
Sent ministry to my spirit, opened the eyes of my mind.

On the edge of the pit I saw the light of Jesus:
His tender arms pulled me from the edge of the pit.