End of the Day

God’s glory shines just before dark, reminding us that He is there to watch over us during the night hours. Our Father hears our cries when we call with an emergency or with a continuing broken heart. He hears and He comforts, wrapping His loving arms around us and holding us tight. Get to know the God of All Comfort well enough that you can run to Him when you need Him in the night hours.

A Glimpse of God’s Glory

Rising Moon @ Rockport

Neither the rising moon over the water nor the setting moon behind

Beautiful Full Moon

trees in my back yard compare to the amazingly huge rosey-orange globe I saw recently as I drove home from church one night. It appeared almost to touch the ground as it had only barely come over the horizon, and the color was amazing, past my description. Continue reading

Hummingbirds, Whooping Cranes and Mountains

My husband and I enjoy going to Rockport, Texas where in September we watch as thousands of hummingbirdscrop hummers gather to stock up on food before making the long trip to South America for the winter. These miniature jewels barely weigh 0.11 ounces, being only 3.75 inches long with a wingspan of 4.5 inches; yet many of them fly directly over the Gulf of Mexico. What a wonder our Master Creator made. Continue reading


Mt Moran & Jackson Lake

Mt Moran & Jackson Lake

This sight speaks such calm, peace and serenity to me. I’ve always loved this view of Jackson Lake and Mount Moran with its Frying Pan Glacier. On our many trips to Yellowstone, we always go south to Teton National Park, where these majestic mountains rise 7000 feet above the valley. On this late June day in 2015, the wind had quit blowing, making the reflection perfect. Usually a ripple plays across the lake. Continue reading