Calm before the Storm

Sunrise near Palacios, TX

My husband and I went to Rockport, Texas Wednesday morning enjoying a beautiful day there. At 4:15 Thursday morning my phone alarm woke us saying that the depression in the Gulf of Mexico had strengthened into a Category 1 hurricane and was due to land in the Corpus Christi – Rockport area.  Having lived on the Gulf Coast most of our lives, we knew when the party was over and headed out. Roughly 80 miles from Rockport the sun brightened the sky and we saw the clouds ahead even as we left far darker ones behind, barely visible in the morning light. On Friday night, the area people only wish they would awaken to such a sunrise. Instead Hurricane Harvey is banging on their doors. (August 25, 2017).

This photo reminds me that even when life seems bleak, God remains faithful to bless us in so many other ways.

Happy Yellow

When I think yellow, I think happy. Therefore today I’m posting some of my yellow pictures with many happy memories. I hope you enjoy them. The one below is only a sample; please click the “read more” link below to see another dozen.

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Yellowstone Features

Castle Geyser

Castle Geyser.

grand gyser

Grand Geyser; not very predictable but much taller than Old Faithful. It’s hard to imagine how much water it puts out.

Firehole River

Firehole River

Lower Falls

Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River; from 1/2 mile away you can hear its roar.

Firehole Falls close up 2

Firehole Falls


bubbling hot spring

Bubbling Hot Spring

crazy creek 201

Crazy Creek

mt glacier

Mountains & Glaciers across Yellowstone Lake

steam vent

Steam Vent

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Cranes: Whoopers & Sandhills

Whooping Cranes

At Aransas National Wildlife Refuge in the winter a person normally sees a family of Whooping Cranes together, which would be parents and the immature crane, who is brownish. However these pictures were taken in 2011 when Texas suffered a severe drought. The Refuge had a controlled burn to help spring-time grass grow better, so the whoopers discovered food there instead of the small crabs they prefer. These giant birds are 52″ tall and have a wingspan of 87″.

Crane Family

Whooping Crane Family

Sandhill Cranes

Sandhill Cranes winter along the Texas Coast and the pictures below were taken on West Galveston Island. Sandhills are smaller than whoopers, with Lesser Sandhills being 41″ with wingspans of 73″, while Greater Cranes are 46″ with a 77″ wingspan Continue reading

Yellowstone Animals and Birds

antelope on hike & bike trail

Antelope on Hike & Bike Trail



Canadian Goose

Canadian Goose

bison calf 171

Bison Calf

crop mulie 145

Mule Deer behind Tree.

eagle m 55

Eagle on Nest.

bull elk 169

Bull Elk

good elk 90

Doe Elk

griz 112crop

Grizzly Bear

moose 04


ground squirrel

Ground Squirrel

bear cub better 785

Black Bear

Doe & Fawn

Mule Deer and Fawn

bison on road

Roads are easier walking for the Bison.

Bull Elk

Bull Elk, notice Doe in shadows

elk side 820

Doe Elk.

Chipmonk 2

Least Chipmonk sunning himself


Bison & Lupine

Bison & Lupine

Backyard Friends


Friendly Squirrel

Flying Hummer

Flying Hummer

Bird's Nest in Tree

Bird’s Nest in Tree

Beautiful Full Moon

Beautiful Full Moon

Orange Butterfly

Orange Butterfly

Tan Butterfly

Tan Butterfly

Yellow Butterfly

Yellow Butterfly

Brown Butterfly

Brown Butterfly

Squirrel Eating Birdseed on Table

I didn’t know it was for the birds!


All-aflutter; The blue sky affects the picture.


Lunch-time, everyone.

Insects on Rotting Wood

Insects on Rotting Wood

Banded Male Cardinal

Banded Male Cardinal

Tan Butterfly

Tan Butterfly

Insects on Rotting Wood 2

More Bugs! Fun for Boys.

Blue Jay

Blue Jay at Feeder