Clogged Arteries

Many people get clogged arteries as they age and then must take medicine to clear them. But, do I have spiritual clogged arteries? What? When our spiritual arteries get clogged, our relationship with Father God gets hindered and Holy Spirit no longer flows freely within us, just like blood becomes partially blocked in our physical arteries when they’re clogged.As people take medicine to help this condition, so must we take medicine to help our spiritual condition. Sin of some kind enters and we don’t confess it right away, causing this blockage. When it lingers, it causes more blockage. This sin may be of the omission type, things we’re not doing, as well as commission or what we do.

Do we repent when we realize we’ve gone against Father’s will in doing what His character would not allow? Whether it’s a major sin or what we might think of as minor doesn’t matter. Repentance means not only regretting that we did something wrong but also determining not to do it again.

Sins of COMMISSION are things we do that are wrong against God or against people. We commit the act, usually willingly, though sometimes we could do something and later realize that it either hurt our Father’s heart or harmed someone He loves (and that’s every person!)

Sins of omission mean things we don’t do that we should. James 4:17 tells us it’s sin to know what we need to do and not take action. Some of these might be:

  1. Not attending church and missing the body of Christ to help encourage, teach and correct us.
  2. No regular Bible study.
  3. No regular time of prayer.
  4. Forgetting to give thanks, praise and worship to our Father God.
  5. Other sins of omission go against people, for instance not helping someone when we could, even if it’s supporting them by our words or any other way we can help others. Giving a smile to someone costs us no time or money, yet think of how much it means to each of us to have someone in the grocery simply smile at us. s

I often think people who try to live godly lives may commit omission wrongs more than sins of commission because we try to avoid these. Because such deeds are not done, we not be so aware of our failure.

We must put on our spiritual armor found in Ephesians 6:10-18. And because we daily leak, the verb tense in Ephesians 5:18 tells us that being filled with the Holy Spirit means a continual filling. We don’t get filled once and that’s all we need. Frequently we must put gasoline in our cars for them to run; and in order to do our best, we need daily fillings by the Holy Spirit. Simply recognizing the problem and correcting it ends spiritual clogged arteries so once again the Holy Spirit has full control in our lives.