The Christmas Season

At this special time of year
We think of others far and near;
As we give gifts to those we love
Let us also give to the One above.

Churches tell the story in word and song
So many will know where they belong;
Christmas is a time of good will to others
Men more willing to help their brothers.

We give food to feed the poor
But we also feed One more;
While on earth Jesus said
By feeding them, you give Me bread.

We give money to missionaries
While in heaven Jesus tarries;
They spread word of God’s love
And His eternal home above.

All our good deeds done for naught
If we don’t believe on the One we ought;
Jesus was born as a babe it’s true
So He could die to save me and you.

That holy star above a manger
Turned to a rugged cross of danger;
Jesus willingly paid the price
While for His clothes, soldiers rolled dice.

Jesus died, His life to give
So we might eternally live;
But He rose from that grave
Any believer’s soul to save.

To save them from a devil’s hell
So with God to eternally dwell;
That’s the meaning of the Christmas season;
Will you listen to His reason?


2 thoughts on “The Christmas Season

  1. John and Dot Overton says:

    Thank you for your faithfulness. Your introduction poem reminds me of our upcoming family Christmas party. We will have all 16 Overtons here in our home still under refurbishment to celebrate together. We will have a tree and a new family table for furniture. The floors are bare and the walls unpainted but we will share the love of Jesus with one another.


    • dailyGod says:

      I learned long ago it’s not the house or how it looks that makes a home; it’s the love that’s in it. Our first Christmas here, this home was much like yours with no cabinets anywhere and half the house was being used as storage while we worked on the other part, but we were all together as family, plus all 4 of our parents lived in the same town, so we could celebrate our Savior’s birth and be glad.


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