The Snooze Button

I had to get a new phone recently and used the alarm for the first time. I woke before it went off but forgot to turn it off, so it sounded while I was praying. Fortunately, I had taken it out of the bedroom so it didn’t awaken my husband. I naturally turned off the alarm, not realizing the snooze button was set to ring. I turned it off when it sounded and my husband, then awake, and I went into the kitchen to eat breakfast. It sounded twice during that time, so I finally deleted the alarm setting after the snooze didn’t quit when I had turned it off.

During church our pastor mentioned how we can’t be filled with the Holy Spirit and just sit and refuse to grow spiritually afterwards. I thought of the snooze alarm. Is the Lord telling me that, while I’ve been awake, I’ve still been in bed waiting to get up and get busy – spiritually speaking? I’ve pondered that as the snooze alarm thought kept returning.

Father, I don’t want to be snoozing during this important time in the world when I know the eternal harvest of people must be filled. My favorite pecan tree barely produced this year, but I’ve enjoyed picking those pecans. Other trees generated more pecans so they must be harvested as well. Yes, there’s work for me to do.

Fruitfulness comes during this season if the snooze alarm gets me up out of the bed and busy.