My Amazing Father’s Love

The full impact only hit me a month after the event, and then I was truly amazed! While I’d thanked my Daddy-God right after it happened, when the impact hit, I thanked Him more profusely.

A few weeks ago I went with friends to a Global Aglow Conference in Richmond, VA. Tired one day, I went back to our hotel room to rest while my friends did other activities. Early that evening I waited outside the hotel for a shuttle that would go back to the convention center, and started talking with a younger woman from Korea who attended the conference with her mother. What happened next totally amazed me. But let me give you the background first.

I have a neurotransmitter issue that makes the muscles of my face involuntarily move and some years ago a doctor had given me a Botox injection next to my mouth trying to help the situation. Unfortunately, it left my mouth permanently slightly ajar. As I’ve grown older and lost some weight in my face, the condition has become more noticeable. I know who I am as a person and am comfortable in that. I know I’m fully loved by God and also by my family and some friends. Usually this mouth issue hasn’t bothered me, but a couple of weeks before the conference I’d been more aware of it and simply thought, “I’m stuck with this as much as I don’t like it.” It wasn’t a real downer but maybe a 5% one.

As I talked with the Korean woman at the shuttle stop, her mother said something to her and they talked back and forth for a couple of minutes. I didn’t pay any attention, realizing that the older woman didn’t speak English. The Aglow organizers planned for many translators because we have groups in 172 countries. Then the daughter turned to me and said, “My mother said you have a beautiful face and wants you to know.”

As I choked back the tears, I told her to please tell her mother thank you. I was amazed and whenever unwanted thoughts return, I remind myself of what one Korean woman thinks. I realized God allowed this to happen to give me comfort about something I can’t change. But a few days ago the full impact of the circumstance hit me like lightning. My amazing Father sent me half-way across my country to a city I’d never been previously to meet a woman and her daughter who had traveled half-way across the globe so we could have that one simple conversation! A woman who couldn’t speak English impacted me so that whenever hints of doubt come in, I can stand strong because a foreigner spoke kind words to me.

I tell of this event because it shows the lengths my amazing God will go in order for me to hear something I needed to cheer me. That same amazing God will do the same type of thing for you! Perhaps He’s already done it and you called it a pleasant circumstance. Open your eyes and see just what miracles your Daddy-God waits to do for you. Certainly He loves you as much as He loves me. God loves no one more and no one less. Jesus died for each and every person on the earth, but it’s up to each one to accept that love. No one can give a gift someone else won’t receive. Today, please open your arms and accept that amazing love that the God of the Universe offers you.

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