Hang on to God’s Love

My heart leaks. When I’m in the middle of worshipping God, it often overflows into and out of my eyes. Not the way I’d wish to show my heart, but that’s what happens, whether alone or with others. However, seeing my heart overflow in gratitude tells me that I’m learning to truly appreciate God’s tremendous love for me. That love resides so deep within me that it’s as real as knowing my name.

That secure place enables me to walk through circumstances I don’t understand, still confident that my Daddy-God will never fail me. Even though the situation seems entirely contrasting to what I read of God’s will in the Bible, I never doubt His love. Therefore, I walk through the trial with peace because I trust in the unfailing love of my Father. I don’t cry out, “Where is God?” because I know His Spirit is within me as well as right beside me.

I’m reminded of Joseph when he was unjustly accused and thrown into prison. Even after interpreting a dream for the king’s cupbearer and asking him to speak to the king on his behalf, Joseph remained in prison another long time. Was he tempted to give up? Certainly. But we’re not told that he did; I believe his faith remained strong because God had given him a picture of his destiny though a dream while young. The Bible tells us in Psalm 105:19, Until the time that his word came to pass, the word of the Lord tested him (New King James). The New Living Translation puts it into today’s language, Until the time came to fulfill his dreams, the Lord tested Joseph’s character.

As with Joseph, I believe God allows us to be tested by what His Word says. He gives us a promise and naturally we look for its fulfillment immediately. Then we wait. Does our faith grow stronger? Or do we give up on the promise? That’s up to us, but when we know in the deepest part of our inner being that our Father truly loves us, then we’re enabled to hang on to  that promise no matter how long it takes or what trials we face. Hang on! Hang on!


One thought on “Hang on to God’s Love

  1. Sally Heineke says:

    Relying on God’s faithfulness in the midst of difficult circumstances is not easy. Thank you, Sandra, for reminding us that He is always with us – even when we are overwhelmed. Finding His peace during the storm – that’s the key. I believe you are saying that the closer we walk with the Lord – as our love for Him grows, then feeling His presence during challenging times becomes easier – more natural. What an uplifting message. Thank you!


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