A New Day

Do I greet each new morning as an adventure? Do I ask God what He has in store for me that day? No. Usually as I tell Father good morning when getting out of bed, I don’t think of an exciting day, though I don’t dread them either. It’s simply another day, right? Perhaps it would be better to see the day as an adventure; for instance, whose path will I cross that day? Will I have an opportunity to share Jesus with them? Can I pray for them? Will they bless me in some unforeseen way?

Sometimes I realize anew God’s mercy, knowing all my old sins and mistakes He’s forgotten. When I do, I’m so thankful. But sometimes my enemy tries to bring them back to mind – Remember when you did such and such in 1992? How can God forgive that? That’s when I must decide whom I believe. Do I believe the Bible that tells me, He has removed our sins as far from us as the east is from the west? (Psalms 103:12 New Living Translation). If I stand on God’s Word, then I can tell Satan to get lost. James 4:7 tells me, So humble yourselves before God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

Every morning during my time with God as I put on the spiritual armor, I need to make a conscious decision let the Holy Spirit lead that day and to believe the Word of God – fully embracing it, acting on it. Just saying I believe the Bible isn’t enough. I must deem it vital to my life, not only reading but ingesting it, letting it change me. When God’s Word becomes a part of me, then I’ll remember to tell my enemy that Jesus paid for all my sins and God forgot about them, so I did too. And I have must really accept and do that; just saying it isn’t enough because Satan will keep on coming back and reminding me of it. Today is a new day for the new creation I’ve become so I’m going to live in a way that pleases my heavenly Father and brings Him glory.