The Missing Mockingbird Song

A couple of mornings ago as my husband and I ate breakfast, I listened to the quiet. The hush awakened me to the silence of the mockingbird. Soon a dove cooed and I noticed how close and loud the dove sounded. Blue jays joined in the chorus but I missed the mockingbird’s sweet melody.

This made me wonder how many times I miss the Holy Spirit when He speaks because the sound of urgent things to do or voices of family or friends overcome His soft whisper. Since the mockingbird often sings from a distance, I need a quiet and calm environment around me to hear this great music. In the same way, the soft voice of God often comes while I’m in the midst of other activity so I need to slow down and listen. During the day I need to open my ears more closely and discover what He murmurs. Perhaps it concerns guidance about a decision I need to make; maybe it concerns someone needing prayer. Sometimes the Spirit simply assures me God loves me deeply, all the time.

I’ve developed a habit of listening for the mockingbird’s song each morning and definitely miss days it’s unheard. Maybe all of us can listen for the Holy Spirit’s message more often too.


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