The Mockingbird’s Song

As I sat to eat breakfast I suddenly noticed I missed something – a sound that delighted me each morning – so I opened the window. Then I heard the beautiful strains of a mockingbird’s song. On and on he went brightening an already beautiful morning. Today, however, he perched further away than usual so I had to listen carefully or I’d miss him. When a loud car went down the street, it overshadowed his sweet melody.

The missed music reminded me of how easy it is to miss the Holy Spirit when He speaks to us. Instead of loud cars, distractions of family, work or entertainment occupy us. Sometimes we simply need to open the window of our hearts to hear Him. Certainly we can’t always go to a quiet place and get away from others but if we simply take time to ask for wisdom or guidance when we need it, the Lord will speak in a way we can understand in that moment even in our busy times.

In other instances we must step aside from the interruptions of daily life when we have that opportunity whether it’s early morning or later at night. We need times of quiet to communicate with our Father, to simply tell him ‘good morning,’ ‘goodnight’ or ‘I love you.’ The conversation begins there and continues whether we’re reading the Bible, praying or simply being in God’s presence.

Make a decision to open the window of your heart and discover what you hear.