The Lingering Scent of Jesus

As I drove home from church, I noticed that the perfume of a friend I’d hugged accompanied me to the car and remained. The sweet scent seemed to fill the space but wasn’t at all overpowering. “What a beautiful reminder of her,” I said to myself.

Then I thought of the fragrance of people who spend time with the Lord. Perhaps not a physical scent we smell with our noses but a perfume that comes from their attitudes and actions. The love of God pours out through them to many others; their words are gracious and build up those they meet. These people encourage others rather than dishearten them. We’re comfortable with them; they make us feel as equals, no matter their position.

John 13:35 quotes Jesus saying, “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” This kind of love looks like that described above, somewhat like a brotherly sisterly kind of love. It’s a godly love that only wants what’s best for another, one that makes the other comfortable in their presence.

My husband and I have been married well over 50 years and he’s complimented me often, as I have him; but the greatest compliment he gives me is, “The house just feels good when you’re here.” That’s not only my spousal love but it’s also God’s love coming through.

That’s what happens when we spend time with Jesus. His fragrance simply carries with us and touches others.

2 thoughts on “The Lingering Scent of Jesus

  1. Charles Heineke says:

    Thank you, Sandra, for this simple but poignant reminder of how we should affect others. When we are living our lives from a place of love, our “scent,” or at least our peace, should be easily noticeable to anyone near us. They should feel the love within us, radiating out from us, and want to be near us. I aim to live my life like that, as an “old shoe” kind of person–one who is comfortable to wear, to be near. God’s children should always reflect His love.


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