God Delights in YOU

A few days ago my husband and I went home from visiting Rockport. Actually, he napped as I drove and had a time of worship, singing very quietly. I’d admired the wildflowers seen in spots along the road; after all, even in south Texas you don’t expect them at the end of February. They delighted me – just little spots of sunshine – and I’d mentioned them earlier to my husband.

Suddenly, God whispered to me, “As you delight in the wildflowers, so I delight in you.” Wow! That took my breath away. God delights in me. Not only loves me but delights in me. How humbling that made me feel, and my worship went into singing about God’s holiness and praising Him.

What God whispered to me, He also would whisper to you. Your heavenly Father delights in YOU! Not only does He love you – which is far more than we can really ask – but He also delights in you. Hang onto that word! When others come against you, just remember who you are and that God Almighty delights in you.