The Glory and the Power

The Power and the Glory 
The Glory and the Power?

I included the full title above since room is insufficient for it in the title space. Someone said something to me today that made me think about this phrase and wonder, “Which do I seek?”

What do powerful people have that others don’t? Besides power, that is? Do they also have glory? Maybe fame, wealth, prosperity. But glory? Does anyone really have glory? In Isaiah 48:11 God says, I will not give my glory to another.”

Christians sometimes desire power in order to get famous or wealthy. But no one I know does that, and I certainly don’t. Or do I? Do we claim to want to do things for God so He’s glorified but we really seek the spotlight for ourselves?

Or do we seek God’s glory? Honest believers who truly know God and want to see Him glorified, not seeking fame for themselves, may see God’s power working through themselves. Our position is always to seek to glorify our Father, never to seek for the power. Then it would become corrupt, thus turning us to pride and our eventual downfall.

However, God’s power working in His humble servant will show His glory to many. Some will come to salvation; some to restoration and some to a deeper understanding of just Who He is. Let’s always seek God’s glory. If our hearts are right and it brings honor to our Father, then He will show forth His power.