The Glory of God’s Presence


“Oh, the glory of your presence; we your people give you reverence, so arise to your place and be blessed by our praise as we glory in your embrace, and your presence now fills this place.”

Sometimes my church sings this song, and when we do, it is after we have worshipped God for a while and one can truly feel the presence of God. You know it’s real and active. Sometimes I can imagine God’s Spirit lifting us from the earth to commune with Him for a while. It reminds me of when Peter, James and John were on the Mount of Transfiguration with Jesus (see Mark 9:2-7). Peter just wanted to stay there and not go back down into the grubby things of earth.

I can understand Peter’s feelings. Being here in God’s presence is perfect. Why go back to where troubles abound? Why deal with unfriendly people? Or put up with aches and pains? Just stay here where all is peaceful and well; quiet and full of joy.

But, as with Peter, James and John, so we too have to go back to the reality of our earth-bound life. Do we have to stay there, however? Can we have part of both worlds? Can we carry that presence of God with us as we get our feet dirty dealing with everyday life events? I believe the answer is YES!

Just how do we do that? God’s Holy Spirit comes to live inside us when we accept Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord. Sometimes, however, we must seek God more than we usually do. But He assures us of His presence when we do; see 1 Chronicles 28:9, 2 Chronicles 15:2 and Isaiah 55:6. Although these are Old Testament scriptures, they apply to us even more because of the Holy Spirit living in us. As He indwells us more and more, we become more aware of His presence.

I stop at times and let my mind dwell on the presence of God with me as I go about my daily business. Our Father promises never to leave us or forsake us (Hebrews 13:5). Therefore, no matter what we do, He is there with us. If we can get our spiritual antennas up, we will know His presence and walk with Him doing our daily chores, whether at work, school or home.

What a better way to live! I certainly don’t maintain this standard but I realize it is a reality that I want to see worked out daily in my life.

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