The Christmas Season


At this special time of year
We think of others far and near;
As we give gifts to those we love
Let us also give to the One above.

Churches tell the story in word and song
So many will know where they belong;
Christmas is a time of good will to others
Men more willing to help their brothers.
We give food to feed the poor
But we also feed One more;
While on earth Jesus said
By feeding them, you give Me bread.
We give money to missionaries
While in heaven Jesus tarries;
They spread word of God’s love
And His eternal home above.
All our good deeds done for naught
If we don’t believe on the One we ought;
Jesus was born as a babe it’s true
So He could die to save me and you.
That holy star above a manger
Turned to a rugged cross of danger;
Jesus willingly paid the price
While for His clothes, soldiers rolled dice.
Jesus died, His life to give
So we might eternally live;
But He rose from that grave
Any believer’s soul to save.
To save them from a devil’s hell
So with God to eternally dwell;
That’s the meaning of the Christmas season;
Will you listen to His reason?