Don’t Act Like a Christian

My granddaughter posted a quote she’d found on her Instagram page which said, “Don’t act like a Christian; act like Christ.”

A few weeks ago I attended a Christian conference located at a resort. Although other people were there, mainly those of us from the conference filled the rooms. Not only were we the majority of those at the resort, but we all wore name badges. One night a friend and I went into a restaurant and started talking to the waiter. He showed us a tiny plastic zip bag with 10 pennies in it, saying that was his tip from a lady who told him, “God bless you.” Unfortunately, she had on a name tag like ours. In the course of the meal, my friend and I discovered the young man was a Buddhist and made sure our tip was more generous than usual.

I agree with the quote that so many Christians, like this lady with her tipping, we should not follow, but Paul tells his readers to follow him as he follows Christ. Since these people did not have a New Testament to read and were baby Christians, that was great advice for them. It can be good advice for us also, if we’re following someone who truly is following Christ like Paul was. We must know whom we’re following and be sure they are following Christ. Good mentors are special gifts from God.

We must also remember that we never know who might be following us, so we must guard ourselves that we follow Christ to the best of our ability. As we near the end of the year, it’s a good time for a checkup. How has my relationship with Jesus grown the last year? Can I see positive results? What changes do I need to make? If I’m the only Bible someone might read, am I pointing them to God? Do I need to get rid of some habits? Adjust some attitudes? Is the fruit of the Spirit growing stronger in me? I think it’s time for reflection.

One thought on “Don’t Act Like a Christian

  1. Catherine Tucker says:

    This is a great reminder. For some years after college, I walked away from God. One of my biggest complaints about Christians is that they were hypocritical so often. I had forgotten about that till reading this. I need to ask myself “Do people perceive me that way when I’m hurried or frustrated?” Lord, help us all to reflect your love towards others!


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