I Did It My Way

The young mother had told her five-year-old son to sit down several times during the church service and finally gave him the look that says “obey or else.” When they reached home, she talked with him about the importance of being reverent in church and said she was finally glad he’d decided to mind her. He replied, “Oh, I was sitting on the outside but I was standing on the inside.”

This cute story isn’t mine but has stuck with me for a long time because it so illustrates rebellion. We want our own way no matter what. We could blame Adam and Eve for it, and it did start with them, but if we were honest, we’d do the same thing. From young children to the poorest of the poor, to political people, to other famous people, to anyone you can name – we all think our way is best and want it over any other. That’s called rebellion against God. The dirty name for it is sin. We start with God but rebel against other people and the laws of our country as well.

I Did It My Way, the song by Paul Anka, made famous by Frank Sinatra states the case clearly. It’s a good melody and caught on quickly when it was first recorded, and many have since recorded it. I enjoyed the song until a few years ago when I suddenly realized that if we “do it” our way, in other words live life like we want without God, then our rebellion is directly against Him. Now I cringe if I hear the song or someone says that’s how they are living, because I know the end result of that life-style. If we never had to face God, that might not be such a problem, but the Bible assures us Just as man is destined to die once, and after that to face judgment. . . (Hebrews 9:27).

Our country has grown more and more into the mold of “doing it my way,” no matter where that leads. Now we tolerate anything except those who speak of moral right and wrong. According to current social thinking, God’s judgment of sin was only something those in churches held over people’s heads to make them act as the authority thought best. Those people are naïve, stupid and ignorant.

Perhaps with all the floods, severe draughts, terrible hurricanes and blizzards our country has had the last number of years, God has tried to warn us to repent and turn back to Him. I believe more people are now praying for our country than have probably since World War II. Those who are more than 20 years old cannot believe how our country has changed. Of course, some think that’s a good thing, but not those who know God’s good justice. Those who know how our country was founded and the beliefs and traditions of our forefathers realize how that change has damaged us.

If you listen to news media, you’d think the whole country wants things as they are, but how are polls chosen? Who is polled? Do you know anyone who has ever been polled? Neither do I. Furthermore, I know many people who do not think our nation is going in a good direction. Often people judge this by their economic situation, and while that’s important, it’s not the only criteria of a nation’s strength. The moral strength must also be included.

If you aren’t already, please pray for our beloved USA with me and thousands of others.