The Spider’s Web

This morning I shook out some throw rugs at my back steps and saw a spider’s web because the sun was shining directly on it. A few days ago, however, the afternoon sun didn’t show up that same spider web and I walked right into it.

You see, our house is about ten feet from our garage, a perfect place to have a web to catch mosquitoes and other small insects. Perfect for the spider, that is, but not for me when I walk that direction to feed and water our birds. Wishing I could explain to the spider why I undid all her hard work, I took a six-foot stick and tore down all I could. I’m happy to have the spiders in my yard eating bugs but just not where I walk.

That reminded me of how Satan sets traps for everyone but he’s more disingenuous with believers. He puts them in unsuspecting places where we go often or with something we do regularly. Sometimes those traps may even be in our mouths or our actions.

We don’t see them because the Son of God isn’t shining on them since we’re not spending enough time with Him. However, when the Son shines on those traps, we take them down if possible so others don’t stumble into them. At the least we avoid them and tell others about them. Unlike the spider’s web when it’s out of our way, we don’t welcome Satan’s traps and fight against them.

One thought on “The Spider’s Web

  1. John Overton says:

    We just taught a discipleship class on “Beware of the Deceiver” at BARC Monday night. This would have been a great illustration for the men. Thanks so much for sharing your spiritual thoughts. John O.


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