Hummingbirds, Whooping Cranes and Mountains

My husband and I enjoy going to Rockport, Texas where in September we watch as thousands of hummingbirdscrop hummers gather to stock up on food before making the long trip to South America for the winter. These miniature jewels barely weigh 0.11 ounces, being only 3.75 inches long with a wingspan of 4.5 inches; yet many of them fly directly over the Gulf of Mexico. What a wonder our Master Creator made.

We also enjoy going to Rockport in the winter to view the amazing whooping cranes that stay in Aransas Natural Wildlife Refuge and the surrounding area. These endangered birds now number about 200 there, flying down from Canada where they breed.

Whooping Crane, Aransas National Wildlife Refuge, Texas

Whooping Crane, Aransas National Wildlife Refuge, Texas

Tall and regal, these opposite numbers to the hummers weigh 15 pounds, stand 52 inches tall with a wingspan of 87 inches; that’s 7¼ feet! Another wonder of our Amazing Creator.


Another majestic creation of our great God are the varieties of the mountains.  Mount Moran

Mt Moran & Jackson Lake

Mt Moran & Jackson Lake

in Teton National Park in Wyoming and the two in Colorado indicate  the majestic ways God shapes his wonders. (You do see glaciers on those.) Yes, I know that geologically other events formed them, but Who controls all events in heaven and earth?

Cold & Foreboding Grand Teton

One last creation I want to mention is the one reading this devotional. YOU are God’s greatest masterpiece. One He loved so very much that He gave his only Beloved Son to die for so that you and I can enjoy being his children. (Insert YOUR photo here!) When our children grew up, they invited friends to play or spend the night. Naturally, we treated them well while they were in our home, but we did not love them as our children.

God makes rain to shine on the good as well as the bad, the Bible tells us. He loves all people and gives everyone food to eat so they will see his goodness and turn to Him. John 3:16-18 from the Message Bible* tells us all about this:

“This is how much God loved the world: He gave his Son, his one and only Son. And this is why: so that no one need be destroyed; by believing in him, anyone can have a whole and lasting life. 17 God didn’t go to all the trouble of sending his Son merely to point an accusing finger, telling the world how bad it was. He came to help, to put the world right again. 18 Anyone who trusts in him is acquitted; anyone who refuses to trust him has long since been under the death sentence without knowing it. And why? Because of that person’s failure to believe in the one-of-a-kind Son of God when introduced to him.”

 If you don’t yet know this majestic, creative and loving God, what holds you back? He loves you with an everlasting love that won’t give up on you when you fail. I’ve failed many times and have been forgiven so I could regain the closeness of a sympathetic parent toward his wayward child. Nothing beats knowing his presence is with you when at your busiest at work, when enjoying his great creation, or especially during those heart-breaking times.

If you don’t know God as your loving Father and Jesus Christ as your Savior who died for all your wrong-doing and then rose again to sit at the Father’s right hand, praying for you, then why not simply talk with God and say words something like these?

God, I know I’ve tried to run my own life and not even thought about you, but that hasn’t satisfied me in the deepest part of my being. I want to ask you to forgive me for going my own way and all the wrongs I’ve done against you and others. I can ask this because Jesus died on the cross and took the blame for all the sins I have and ever will commit. So I ask Jesus to be my personal Savior and to lead and guide me the rest of my life so that I can know your will and do it. I want to be your child and live eternally with you in heaven when I die.

Now you are God’s child and you need to find a Bible-teaching church, not so you can list being a member, but so that you can learn more about your Father God and his Word to us, the Bible. Other believers will welcome you to grow with them as we all try to live out what it means to be a child of God in our daily lives.


* THE MESSAGE: The Bible in Contemporary Language © 2002 by Eugene H. Peterson. All rights reserved.)