The Rainbow’s Promise

Rainbow over Lake Yellowstone, Wyoming

Rainbow over Lake Yellowstone, Wyoming

This beautiful rainbow over Yellowstone Lake came after a thunderstorm, while my husband and I boated on the lake with a fishing guide. Thankfully, we were not in the main part of storm but the waves got close to two feet high as we bumped and rocked our way back to the dock. Naturally, I was praying not only for safe travel but that our guide would maneuver the boat correctly. She had admitted before we left dock that she had only been in the park for five weeks and had learned about fishing and the boat during that time. No, my husband didn’t catch any fish and knew he wasn’t in the correct area, since he knew more about the lake than she did. At least the trip made a new experience for us on a lake we love.

This lake is roughly 7 miles wide and 14 miles long, so it’s huge. In another part of the lake, we have seen waves 4-5’ high, though that’s abnormal unless a very strong wind blows. The water is so cold, even in summer, that hypothermia sets in after 10 minutes.

God’s rainbow reminds us of His promise found in Genesis 9:13 that never again will He destroy all life from the earth with a flood. While floods come and devastate large areas sometimes, they are restricted. As believers we must always pray for those affected by floods because they may lose all they own, including their homes and sometimes their jobs as well.

I see God’s rainbow as a symbol of hope because it signifies that His promises remain true to this day. It also states that even though we endure storms in our lives God supports us through them, just as He did Noah, and brings us out on the other side. As the rain cleanses the air, so we sometimes see cleansing of sin or wrong attitudes during our storms. If we’re in a storm now, let’s look for the rainbow on the other side. It might surprise you.

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