The Gray Thumb

I tell people I have a gray thumb because I can keep plants alive but not make them thrive like people who have a so-called green thumb. Rarely will a plant flower for me after its first bloom period. Some people can make them flower year after year. Why do I mention this? It reminds me of some believers in Jesus Christ.

For many years I was like a gray-thumb plant; I went to church and always tried to be a nice person, but my faith didn’t thrive; it simply existed. Jesus said He came to give His people abundant life, not only existence. He didn’t mean for us to simply live out our number of days like everyone else, but to thrive in peace, joy, contentment, and serving Him however He chooses.

I didn’t have that deep-down peace and joy even though my family life was going great. I was a stay-at-home mother, and we’d recently moved and bought a new home, which I enjoyed. Our children were doing well in school and my husband enjoyed his new job. All was great – or should have been. But I wasn’t happy. My gray-thumb life was very gray.

Then I asked Jesus to take control of my life and run it however He saw fit.  I didn’t want Him simply as my Savior anymore. Immediately that peace and joy entered my life. I see many people in churches today who find themselves in similar places. Yes, life has its ups and downs but nothing serious threatens their families; however, they still don’t find joy in life. I’d say, “Find that green-thumb Gardener and let Him take total control.” Then you’ll find that peace and joy so your soul thrives.