No Labels for God

God, I wish I could label You, Put you in a little box,
Know just how You will act,
And what your thoughts are;
Could say, You are this way, And You are that way.

I wish I could grasp You And confine You
And then understand You.
At least, I think I wish all that.
But if it happened, What then?

I’d have me a god, One made in my likeness,
One smaller than I am.

No god to lean on, To ask for wisdom,
To cover me in the storm, To defend me
And look after my best interests
Even when I can’t see ahead.

No god to teach me, To rest in
To answer my prayer.
No god to love me And hold me close
Forgive me, Comfort me, Give me a new heart.

God, if I could label You And understand You,
Then You’d be no God at all:
Thank You, God, That You are God
That I am me.

Thank You, God, That You are far above me,
Way past my finding out
That no box, however large, Can contain You.

Thank You, God, That You are God.