Since the 1970’s I’ve been writing Christian poems and meditations and currently email them about weekly to almost 200 people. That’s partly why I decided to write a blog, so others can see them who don’t have my email address. I also usually post them on my Facebook page. I can’t explain how rewarding it is when someone writes me that what God has led me to write was exactly what they needed for the day they saw it. One person was even a few days late checking her email, but the message was there the very day she needed it. What a mighty God we have who knows our needs so specifically and meets them over the internet!

In this section you will find devotionals about many topics, as the Holy Spirit gives me ideas from the Bible but also from nature and different life experiences, some of which are very unexpected. My husband and I drove to the Texas City Dike and God used a tug boat and an oil tanker as inspiration. Who would think God would provide an essay on prayer by letting a dirt dauber come through a crack in our screen into our dinette?

Many meditations are simply in the miscellaneous category, but others fall cover different holidays. Letters to the seven churches in Revelation form another category and a set still to be added discuss all the different phrases in Psalm 23.

I pray you will scroll through the different series and find the ones that most encourage you.