Welcome to Your New Home

God is getting ready a sign
Welcome to your new home.

That home
filled with love
forever in His presence
worshiping our Lord
in all His fullness and grace
no more tears
no more pain, uncertainty or fear
seeing all the saints
who’ve gone before.

But centered on Jesus
our Savior, Redeemer
the One who prepared the way
the Lamb of God
and Lord of lords

Also centered on our Father
God Almighty
Creator of all the universe.

Yet knows the hairs on our head
holy, just, having nothing to do with sin
but gave His only beloved Son
so we – you and I –
might call Him our Father.

Yes, God’s getting ready His welcome sign
but there’s no need to fear
fear is not from God
but the enemy of your soul.

There’s only such joy and peace and love
as you’ve never known on earth
Trust Him to carry you there
even as a mother carries her newborn baby.

Do not be concerned with leaving this life
God will watch over your loved-ones here
He will guide and keep them
and one day prepare a welcome sign for them.

Oh, welcome to your new home
Rejoice – the best is yet to come
all your earthly life as been
merely preparation for eternity ahead.

Welcome to your new home,
Blessed child of God.